Our History

Introducing the ACG Group and its companies.
We are a 97-year-old family-owned growth company who, through long-term and sustainable profitability, evolve our existing companies and at times new ones, if they are affiliated to our areas of expertise. Our ownership style is one of durability and responsibility. Our subsidiaries are specialised to match a variety of industry segments for a range of countries and are loaded with energy and creativity, the hallmarks of entrepreneurship.

In some of our subsidiaries, the directors and executives form part of the ownership structure. An evolved business sense is all important to us and we create enhancements and added value for our customers, while we have fun and good times at work.

The ACG Group is decentralised.
Our subsidiaries are independent decision makers who work closely with their customers and suppliers. This provides a solid base for sound and prompt decision making.

We listen to you and we are part of your problem solving process. Our knowledge and skills are extensive because we work in several industry segments. The ability to cross fertilise our concerted expertise has become one of our strongest assets.

The challenges we meet are generally similar in all companies, but the solutions we provide are specific, pertinent to its industry sector or even preconditioned to a region.

Our combined skills also make it much more fun when collaborating with you. It brings creativity, unleashes an extra spark and above all, brings greater job satisfaction.

Our code of conduct might be old fashioned but it still applies today. Discipline and order, stylish and responsible as well as respectful. Our goal is profitability, but we also aim to take noticeable social responsibility.

The ACG Group AB is run and owned by my family and me.
Reimar Westerlind

The ACG Group started its operations in 1921